NFTing Ambassador Program

As we aim to revolutionize the current state of NFT marketplaces by addressing their evident and unresolved shortcomings, we want you to be the voice of NFTing culture to the world through the NFTers Ambassador Program.

About the NFTer Program

The NFTer Program is a community-based initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption of NFTs and supporting the growth of NFTing ecosystem. MFTers plays a crucial role in raising awareness about our ecosystem. As part of our program, participants receive exclusive access to resources, training and support to help them spread the word about NFTing

NFTers are encouraged to host local events, workshops, and meetups, as well as share their knowledge and experiences with others in online forum and social media channels. Participants gets the opportunity to earn rewards in $NFTING tokens, access to exclusive events, and other incentives based on their level of participation and contribution to the program.




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Benefits of becoming an NFTer

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