The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

NFTing is intending to build the one-stop-shop NFT ecosystem of the future, this vision puts us at the crossroad from others in terms of innovations and development,
and sets us on the multi-year journey to develop a project we can proudly say is answering the needs of the community and projects & artists alike.

NFTing’s roadmap gives you a glimpse of the most important features being developed by NFTing over the years. In an effort to listen ot our community, our roadmap may
be update with new or changed features or dates depending on the needs and requests of the markets and community.


Conceptual architecture for scalable decentralized nft listing, exploring and trading on a multichain level with profile level accounts.


Working decentralized NFT marketplace with minting, buying and selling with multilingual features and all device access.

Stage 0

We already made the most advanced multi-chain NFT marketplace to date with advanced minting, in-depth filters, multi-lingual support, and most important of all aggregation of major marketplaces

Stage 01

Easy aggregation for all marketplaces, on top of multi-chain aggregated data to provide you with all the data you need to market an informed decision. Personalization feed and advanced orders takes trading to new heights.

Stage 02

We give all projects and artists easy to add utilities for their NFTs at no cost, as well as new minting and pre-sale functionalities. We also start to expand on what NFTs are and can become. We also start working on blockchain social media functionalities.

Stage 03

We propose mainstream onboarding solutions with our built-in easy wallet, cross chain bridges and payment, to make it easy to buy any NFT on any chain. We also work on reduced gas or gasless solutions depending on the chain.

Stage 04

We further expand NFTs to emcompass real estate, luxury goods, gaming, financial services and more. Redefining what

Into the Future

Our goal at NFTing is to make NFTs an integral part of our daily lives,
and to achieve this we will continue to develop more features, formarts,
and further the space in general by listening to our community,
projects, and being at the forefront of innovation.