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A. Higher User Conversion

NFTing provides the ecosystem with the highest user conversion thanks to its      multiple NFT features, add-ons, project collaboration opportunities and

B. Easy Data Access

Know exactly how your NFTs are doing by viewing not only their trading volume, but also the average price, floor price, number of hodlers, and much more with detailed data dashboards.

C. Dedicated Account Manager

Each verified project on the NFTing platform will get a dedicated account manager to help resolve problems, set up campaigns, and get artists, creators, and collectors in touch with other projects for new and exciting campaigns.

D. First-ever NFT Marketplace with Social Functionalities

NFTing will be the first-ever platform to integrate advanced
social functionalities, allowing NFT artists, creators and collectors
to share news, write blogs, and set up public and private channels
with their audience in an entirely blockchain-supportive social media directly on the platform.

E. Multiple Minting Options 

NFTing will allow creators to use the
platform’s back end to mint their new projects directly on the blockchain and establish custom royalties and co-creation options. They will
have the option to schedule minting and sales, for added hype, and mint-on-demand to allow users to mint NFTs by themselves.

F. Mint Somewhere Else, Use It on Us

NFTing is all about empowering the NFT community, especially newbies who want to explore the space. With NFTing, you can have your NFTs mint and/or listed on other marketplaces (OpenSea, Seascape or Rarible) and have it listed as well on our platform without the extra cost and risks.

G. Mint with Metadata

Artists and creators will be able to add metadata to their newly minted utility NFT directly on the platform and then integrate it on their website or use it somewhere else, like in a game or the metaverse.

H. NFTs For All Kinds of Formats

NFTing’s in-website design tools will empower NFT artists/creators to unleash their full creativity and mint not just images but also sound, video and even GameFi utility NFTs, regardless of where, when or who they are and the amount of funds they have.

I. Multilingual Platform

Audiences can finally use an NFT marketplace in their native language. It’s one of the most convenient features of NFTing that eliminates the hassle of non-native English users in translating everything that they read on the platform.

J. Best Visibility

NFTing provides the marketplace with the best visibility and sales thanks to its unparalleled personalization, social engagement, in-depth NFT filtration system, and innovative discovery and recommendation engine that adapts intuitively to each user’s specific needs and interests over time.


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Prelisted artists and projects get to enjoy the following benefits:.
Pre-List Now!

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NFTing supports multilingual interaction and will offer 24/7 multilingual customer support to ensure that everyone’s introduction to the colorful world of NFTs remains a truly pleasant and comfortable one. The marketplace will be available in 10+ languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, German, Filipino, Arabic, French, Vietnamese and Italian.


Showcase and sell your work. NFTing provides the marketplace with the best visibility and sales thanks to its unparalleled personalization, social engagement and in-depth NFT filtration system.


NFTing aims to become the first universally accessible NFT marketplace, adapting algorithmically to each user’s profile to deliver an engaging and customized experience. The personalization and curation aspect is essential to a streamlined user experience.


NFTing tokenomics will be the driving force of the entire ecosystem. The NFTing token is intended to become a no-inflation token with sufficient numbers allowing everyone to own some while it becomes a heavily transacted asset used for all things NFT as the platform and ecosystem grows.