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NFTing is the most ambitious NFT marketplace project out there, and that means there's a lot of work to be done.

Completing NFTing will take months, but together we can do it!



As the very first goal, our team has to build a solid NFT marketplace with social aspects, personalization and data. We'll integrate basic & mainstream blockchains, similar to the likes of Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. Once that's done, you can expect a number of collaborations & partnerships with a multitude of utility-based NFT projects & artists.

Stage 1

During stage one, the personalization aspects and filters will get improved. This stage will also see the rise of utility features for NFTs proposed for artists and projects, more minting features and the chat feature with blockchain integration. Additional chains and languages will also be deployed.

Stage 2

During the second stage, we'll add a number of new features, such as the ability to mint on demand or in bulk, detailed data dashboards, extended wallet support, additional NFT utility features, as well as improved filtering & discoverability. You can also expect the integration of additional chains, such as Solana and Cardano.

Stage 3

The general onboarding stage will ensure that we're catering to the needs of the masses, so we'll be adding more chains based on demand, as well as integrating social wallet features. Other features include an NFT bridge cross-chain payments, gasless transactions, a reworked and improved UI/UX, NFT lending, personalized discover queues, plus affiliate and referral programs.

Stage 4

This is the most exciting stage yet, as by this point we'll become an all-encompassing NFT marketplace, fully decked out with an NFT Launchpad, an Incubation Center and NFT fractionalisation functionality. We'll kickstart our efforts to bring next-gen utility NFTs to market (i.e. insurance, lease, contracts, etc...).

Stage 5

The last stage of NFTing, where we explore the unknown, keep improving the platform, add more features and find innovative ways to use NFTs in our lives. NFTing aims to stay at the forefront of the NFT revolution.

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