Built-to-last tokenomics.

Our tokenomics are built to last. We're talking long-term vision, flexibility and commmunity incentives.

The NFTing token is deflationary. The 2B soft-cap allows everyone to own some as the transaction volume increases.

Solid tokenomics. Solid utility.

Token distribution

The IDO token distribution is set to end after 2 years, at which point all excess tokens will be burned, reducing the emissions by half, on top of the already planned burns. Should that not prove sufficient to heavily reduce the inflation and keep the token number under 2,000,000,000, the token emission will be reduced further as a % across all distributed parties.

The Majority of the tokens emitted would go to the liquidity and liquidity incentives to help stabilise and push the price up, as well as reward ecosystem participants. Community rewards would also take a majority of the token emissions and will help open up the NFT staking pool, rewards for participation in the ecosystem and more. Everything in line with the Web3.0 philosophy of rewarding all actors across the ecosystem.

Token information

Type: Utility
Mint: Block Emission
Release: no-inflationary due to burn & Reduction
Ticker: NFTING
Total supply: 2,000,000,000 (soft-cap)
Token contract: ERC 20
Initial circulating supply: 133,696,000

Giving Back


Using burning mechanisms, we'll ensure that our token remains non-inflationary.

NFTing is all about giving back to the community. This is why we’ve made sure that every transaction or revenue stream on NFTing has a community giveback aspect. From trading fees, all the way to ads revenue, no matter what you do, (even something as simple as seeing an ad while browsing) gives back to the
community. It rewards you as well, as long as you are participating in the ecosystem.

Partial DAO

A percentage of revenues are diverted to a Partial DAO treasury to help grow the ecosystem.

The DAO’s main mission is the management of the treasury intended to help grow the platform’s ecosystem. However, the DAO can also be asked to help with additional features, outreach or votes for featured artists and other similar programs.
The partial nature of the DAO means that the upper management of NFTing holds the power to make any decision pertaining to the technical and operational development and management of the platform. The NFTing upper management’s duties are to ensure the optimized efficiency, speedy progress and the strict
adherence to the original development roadmap.

The Partial DAO’s suggestions will always be taken into consideration, evaluated by the upper management and implemented into the project, as long as they are in sync with the NFTing roadmap.


A portion of our tokens will be used to fund community-driven marketing campaigns.

NFTing is about giving back and who best to give back to than its supportive, vibrant community. From staking campaigns, to community and marketing campaigns, a plethora of campaigns, events and activities will take place. All geared towards rewarding the community and its actors.

Artists & Project Incentives

We reward artists and projects for coming onto the platform

Artists and projects coming onto the platform could benefit from new incentives for their arrival, on top of the other benefits attributed to them - from a temporary fee reimbursment, to exclusive farms for their NFTs, or grant programs. There is a myriad of ways we want to thank all the artists and projects for their help and dedication in growing the ecosystem.

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