Built to Last

Our tokenomics are built to last. We're talking
long-term vision, flexibility and community incentives.


Ticker: NFTING
Token Contract: ERC-20
Mint: Block emission
Chains: Multichain on all chains supported

Soft-cap: 1,600,000,000
Initial Circulating supply: 44,440,000
Type: No-inflation or deflationary
TGE: Q1 2023

We issue our tokens on a block emission model, tokens are generated every 10 minutes, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
We have chosen that model as it is more long term based for continued incentivization of the ecosystem, and gives us more control over the inflation than a traditional pre-mint unlock or hard cap model as both have a hard schedule to follow on, whereas a token emission model gives us the ability to reduce emission and thus inflation at any time.


After the full vesting of the IDO Tokens, anynewly emmited IDO tokens will be burnt as part of the scheduled burns.


The marketcap is controlled by the emission, which can be reduced if nearing the 1.6 billion cap, and a constant burn mechanic from all fees
generated on the platform.Fees are generated in $ regardless of token price; so if token price is low due to high inflation, a lot of token burn occurs,
reducing the token supply drastically, if token price is high, burn is smaller, reducing marketcap by a lesser amount.

Investment Structure

We designed our token distribution after TGE to go through NFTs to display new NFT utilities as well as have a much better market impact.
NFTs will be no vesting for the public round, all other investors will receive a vesting NFT.

Additionally, all investors, advisors, and team tokens would be sold prioritarily through our market makers through block sells to give
them the best price at the lowest market impact. We welcome any big hodlers ( 0.5+% of tokens) to contact us if they wish to do the same.